JLIF is one of Europe’s largest listed infrastructure funds, with a Premium Listing on the London Stock Exchange.

As a specialist equity stakeholder, we partner with public sector counterparties across the world to deliver key local and national infrastructure projects that provide government-backed, inflation-linked revenue streams. Our success is built on a collaborative approach centred on long term relationships with our clients and partners such that their changing infrastructure needs can be met in a timely and cost-effective manner

Our purpose

Our purpose is to actively generate long term sustainable value through quality investments in, and specialist management of, infrastructure projects that generate predictable, low risk returns.

Our objective

We target a minimum annualised yield of 6% per annum, by reference to the issue price of £1 of the Ordinary Shares issued at the IPO, and an IRR of 7-8% over the longer term via an active management approach designed to enhance the value of existing investments, supported by the acquisition of new, value enhancing investments.

Your investment

As at 30 June 2016, JLIF was valued at £1,146.8 million on the stock market and had delivered a total return to shareholders of 69.7% since launch in November 2010. The Portfolio saw underlying growth of 3.95% in the first half of 2016. JLIF holds stakes in low-risk, operational PPP infrastructure projects located in the UK, Continental Europe and North America, and looks forward to continuing to grow the Portfolio in the future, both in size and geographic footprint.

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As at 30 June 2016

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