JLIF Overview

John Laing Infrastructure Fund Limited, a Guernsey registered closed-ended investment company, achieved a Primary Listing on the London Stock Exchange in November 2010. At IPO the company successfully raised its target of £270m.

The JLIF Team

Led by a fully independent board and managed by a highly experienced team from John Laing Capital Management Limited.

JLIF Investment Strategy and Policy

JLIF invests in PFI/PPP assets that deliver stable income, generating dependable bi-annual dividend yield to investors, with an initial target of 6%.

Investor Relations

Finsbury Limited

+44 20 7251 3801


Our Portfolio

Within 22 days of listing JLIF had purchased the anticipated seed portfolio of 21 PFI/PPP assets from the John Laing Group, securing a well diversified portfolio in sector and in fiscally strong countries committed to PFI/PPP projects. These provide contracted government-backed revenue streams, inflation-linked earnings and long-term contracts, combined with the prospect for capital growth from asset management.